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There is a wide variety of products and application systems available - some more effective than others.

Oil, tar, and wax based products attempt to "coat and seal" the metal to keep out moisture. However, this 'barrier" method of rust prevention also seals in the moisture already trapped in the vehicle's seams and crevices and in doing so, actually creates ideal conditions for the onset of rust.

Tar and wax based products do not have adequate penetrating ability and like petroleum based oils, they do not mix with water and cannot penetrate through existing moisture. RUST STOP has the unique ability to penetrate through and dispel trapped moisture. It bonds to the metal and acts as an insulator to arrest corrosion.

Applied under high pressure with specially designed spraying tools, RUST STOP fogs and creeps into all enclosed areas, completely covering the vehicle including inside doors, fenders, pillars, frame members, the engine compartment and underside, and virtually every rustprone area.

RUST STOP's unique lubricating properties provide some unexpected additional benefits:

  • Keeps door locks from freezing in winter.
  • Keeps bolts from seizing.
  • Eliminates many squeaks and keeps hinges and cables operating smoothly.
  • Won't damage chrome, painted surfaces, clothing, upholstery, leather, vinyl, asphalt or concrete.
  • All exterior areas where there is surface rust or metal to metal contact are treated.

RUST STOP is a once-a-year process guaranteed to keep your car from rusting. It works on new cars to prevent rust from even starting, and on used cars by checking the spread of any existing corrosion.

Anticorrosion Protection of Motor Vehicles -Recommended Combination of Products ...

Standard Package:

Material: Rust Stop INTERPANELS (B ) and Rust Stop UNDEBODY (A)


- Pump Graco Fire - Ball 15:1 for Rust Stop INTERPANELS
- Pump Graco Fire - Ball 50:1 for Rust Stop UNDERBODY

- Set of wands
- Air and chemical hoses 50 and 25 feet
- Plastic 1/2" plugs
- Drill
- 1/2" unibit

*Average size car requires between 3-4 L of products (combined)



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